Marie Jeanne of Savoy

Duchess of Savoy

Marie Jeanne of Savoy (Marie Jeanne Baptiste; 11 April 1644 – 15 March 1724) was Duchess of Savoy as wife of Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy. She acted as Regent for her son Victor Amadeus II and was the sister of the Queen of Portugal.

Marie Jeanne of Savoy
Duchess of Savoy
Tenure20 May 1665 – 12 June 1675
Regent of Savoy
Tenure12 June 1675 – 14 May 1680
Born(1644-04-11)11 April 1644
Hôtel de Nemours, Paris, France
Died15 March 1724(1724-03-15) (aged 79)
Palazzo Madama, Turin
SpouseCharles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy
IssueVictor Amadeus II, King of Sardinia
Full name
Marie Jeanne Baptiste
HouseHouse of Savoy
FatherCharles Amadeus, Duke of Nemours
MotherÉlisabeth de Bourbon

Biography change

She was born a Princess of Savoy[1] in Paris. Married by proxy to Charles of Lorraine in 1662, Lorraine soon refused to recognise the union. Despite this, she married Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy in 1665 who was her second cousin once removed. The mother of the future Victor Amadeus II of Sardinia who saw the elevation of the House of Savoy to kings, she styled herself as Madama Reale or Madame Royale and acted as Regent of Savoy from 1675 in the name of her son Victor Amadeus II who was his successor. Her regency officially ended in 1680 but she maintained power for four years until her son banished her from further influence in the state.[2] She left a considerable architectural legacy in Turin and was responsible for the remodelling of the Palazzo Madama which was her private residence. At the time of her death she was the mother of the King of Sardinia as well as great-grandmother of the King of Spain and King of France as well as the mother of the King of Sardinia.

Name change

Her name in French would be translated as Marie "Jeanne Baptiste de Savoie" whereas in Italian it would translate as "Maria Giovanna Battista di Savoia". The addition of Nemours to either is incorrect and holds no relevance to her other than she was a daughter of a duke of Nemours. The French version of her name is used more than its Italian variant. Therefore, she is known as simply Marie Jeanne of Savoy.

Issue change

Titles, styles, honours and arms change

Titles and styles change

  • 11 April 1644 – 20 May 1665 Her Serene Highness Mademoiselle de Nemours
  • 20 May 1665 – 12 June 1675 Her Highness the Duchess of Savoy
  • 12 June 1675 – 15 March 1724 Her Highness the Dowager Duchess of Savoy

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