Marina (Filippini)

Painting by Francesco Filippini

Marina (also known as Venice port or La Grande Marina) is a 19th-century late impressionist painted in oil by Francesco Filippini. It was painted about 1882, in Milano, Italy. Is in the collection of the GAM-Gallery of Modern Art of Milan since 1931 (inv. n. 4544).

Italian: La Grande Marina
ArtistFrancesco Filippini
Yearc. 1882
TypeOil on Canvas
Dimensions110 cm × 1,840 cm (45 in × 72,5 in)
LocationGAM-Gallery of Modern Art of Milan, Milano

The work is connected to Filippini's 1882 "Marina", also in the collection of the GAM Museum - Gallery of Modern Art of Milan (inv. No. 4543), in which the sweeping views of the sea are represented they are cut diagonally from the jetty, geometrically perpendicular to that of the moored boats.



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