Marine biology

scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water
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Marine biology is the study of any living plant or animal in the sea. Marine biologists are the people who study it. Like other scientists, marine biologists must know a lot about the creatures they are studying. They also must understand how the sea works. The study of how the sea works is oceanography. There are many kinds of marine animals and plants to study.

Marine animals include squids, corals, whales and fish. Marine plants include sea grasses and algae. The Census of Marine Life was a ten-year project of marine biology.

Marine biology may have began in 1200 BC when the people started to explore the ocean. During the Age of Discovery many more ships sailed far from home. Captain James Cook. He went around the would twice while finding new discoveries. Another person who helped is Charles Darwin, known for the Theory of Evolution. He helped a lot in marine biology. His expeditions aboard the HMS Beagle from 1831-1836 to collect marine organisms.


One marine animal that is regularly seen in this position is called the lion fish also known as the zebra fish, fire fish, turkey fish, or butterfly cod. It has a pattern of red, white, cream, or black stripes. This fish is an invasive species meaning that it shouldn’t be in as many waters as it is. Another animal is the clownfish is usually orange, or yellow, and black and white stripes. They are part of the Amphiprioninae family. Both of these animals are examples of the life in the ocean or sea.


One of the many habitats in the vast ocean is the coral reef. Coral reefs are very colorful. The corals are hard because of a hard skin like a shell, protecting the insides. These corals are in the same group as jellyfish. This animal eats smaller animals but they hold 25% of all fish. Alone corals are called Polyp.

Needed education and salary

Some needed education is a bachelor's or master's degree in biology, zoology, fisheries, ecology, or other animal sciences get into this profession. You also want a degree in writing, math, physics, chemistry, and statistics. After you get the job you can get money in the thousands The least money you can get is $33.5k per year but the most you can get is 97.2k per year. The best state to chose is

The District of Columbia with an average amount paid being 97. and Oklahoma gives the least at 40.080$ both per year. But you have the best chance to get a job in Texas


The ocean is a very large place  meaning that there’s a lot of subfields like zoology, invertebrate, ichthyology, and physiology. Other subfields study physical traits like scales, scales, or eyes. Another kind is scientific studying the animals behaviors. One example of this is Oceanography not really a subfield but it’s close enough. They look at the geography of the ocean.