Mass (disambiguation)

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The term Mass is used for different concepts, in different fields of study:


  • Mass, a physical quantity describing the amount of matter in something (everything it is made of)
  • Thermal mass, a mass which absorbs heat


  • Mass (liturgy), the main worship service of many Christian churches
  • Mass (music), a piece of music for choir, which is sung during the religious service. The text of this is usually from a religious setting

Music and theatreEdit

Placenames and geographyEdit

  • Mass., an abbreviation for the U.S. state of Massachusetts
  • Landmass (also land mass)

Medicine and healthEdit


  • Isaac Mass, a Franklin County, Massachusetts politician
  • Mass, another name for electronic musician Peter Harris, more commonly known as Blu Peter

In the plural form, the masses, can mean:

An adjective describing a large amount of something, as in: