Matsukata Masayoshi

Japanese politician (1835-1924)

Matsukata Masayoshi (松方 正義, 25 February 1835 – 2 July 1924) was a Japanese politician. He served twice as Prime Minister of Japan[1]

Matsukata Masayoshi
In this Japanese name, the family name is Matsukata.

Early life change

Matsukata was born into a samurai family in Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu.[2]

Career change

Matsukata founded the Bank of Japan in 1882 (Meiji 15).[3]

Matsukata was the 4th Prime Minister of Japan from 6 May 1891 to 8 August 1892. He was also the 6th Prime Minister from 18 September 1896 to 12 January 1898.[1]

Matsukata was also a Privy Councilor[2] and Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal of Japan.[4]

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