Mediterranean region

loosely defined region of lands around the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean region is the region surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This includes places from Europe, Africa and Asia. Most of the region has a Mediterranean climate with warm to hot, dry summers and cool to mild, wet winters. Plants that grow there are short trees and shrubs which survive the yearly drought during summer. It is a popular vacation spot.

A map of the Mediterranean region



The Mediterranean Region is so called because the largest stretch of area here lies along the margins of the Mediterranean Sea.The regions having similarities with the Mediterranean Region are located on the western margins of continents in the latitudinal belt between 30° and 45° North and South latitudes. Therefore, these regions are known by the common name of the Mediterranean region of the world.

  1. Europe: The margins of South Portugal, France, Greece, Italy and Spain.
  2. Asia: Cyprus, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and parts of western and southern coastal Turkey.
  3. Africa: The coastal area of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.