Meitei architecture

Architecture of the Meitei people of Manipur Kingdom

"Meitei architecture" or "Manipuri architecture" is the architecture, produced by the Meitei ethnicity in Ancient Manipur from the middle of the fifteenth century BC.[1]

The architecture of Iputhou Pakhangba Laishang inside the Kangla.
The architecture of the Inner Entrance Gate, along with the statues of a pair of Kanglashas, the dragon lions, inside the Kangla, the old metropolis of Ancient Manipur.

The major architectural designs and styles include traditional Meitei Yumjao (lit. Large House),[2][3] Sanglen (lit. Public House) and others.[1]

  1. Meitei temples
  2. Kangla
  3. Iputhou Pakhangba Laishang
  4. Sana Konung
  5. Langthabal Konung
  6. Bihu Loukon

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