German automobile brand owned by Mercedes-Benz AG

Mercedes-Benz (German pronunciation: [mɛʁˈtseːdəs ˈbɛnts]) is a brand of cars, trucks, buses and coaches from the Daimler AG company of Germany. The company was once known as Daimler-Benz and is still sometimes called just "Mercedes." Mercedes-Benz is the world's oldest car maker and the cars they make cost a lot of money. The symbol of Mercedes-Benz is very famous. It is a three-pointed star inside of a circle and was designed by one of the men who started the company, Gottlieb Daimler. The three points of the star stand for land, air and sea because Daimler's engines were used not only in cars and trucks but in airplanes and boats. The symbol was first used in 1909.

PredecessorBenz & Cie.
Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft
FounderKarl Benz
Area served
Key people
Dieter Zetsche, Chairman
Internal combustion engines
ServicesFinancial services
ParentDaimler AG
DivisionsMercedes-Benz AMG

Mercedes-Benz cars are an important part of the history of the car with many "firsts”. They were the first to build a diesel-powered car in the 1930s, the first to build a car with fuel injection in the 1950s and the first to offer antilock brakes in the 1970s. Mercedes-Benz cars have also been important in auto racing history.

Early daysEdit

The Benz Patent-Motorwagen was the company's first production car, built by Rheinische Gasmotorenfabrik Benz & Cie (known today as Mercedes-Benz) it was built in 1885 or 1886. It is often considered the first real gasoline -powered car. By 1901, the cars had become very popular among the rich, mostly because of the efforts of Emil Jellineck.

Benz Patent-Motorwagen
Mercedes-Benz A-Class (Subcompact executive hatchbacks and sedans)
Mercedes-Benz Vito
Mercedes-Benz Citan
2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Unimog, A multi-purpose vehicle made by Mercedes-Benz




Mercedes-Benz builds a range of vans such as the Citan, Vito, and Sprinter


Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Daimler Trucks builds trucks together, They build buses, trucks, the Vito and the Sprinter van.[source?]


Mercedes-Benz has been building buses from 1895 in Mannheim in Germany. Mercedes-Benz produces a wide range of buses and coaches.

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