Mexican Olympic Committee

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The Mexican Olympic Committee (Spanish: Comité Olímpico Mexicano) (COM) is the organization that represents Mexican athletes in the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Pan American Games and the Central American and Caribbean Games. It was created and formally recognized by the IOC in 1923. The organization is currently directed by Carlos Padilla Becerra.

Mexican Olympic Committee Logo.

The Mexican Olympic Committee is headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico.

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From the Universal Exposition of Paris (1900) Baron Pierre de Coubertin thought that Mexico could join quickly to the next Olympic Games In 1901 he met with ambassador of Mexico Miguel de Beistegui in Belgium, in this meeting was born idea to create a National Olympic Committee of Mexico. After meeting it was decided to send a letter to the then President of Mexico the General Porfirio Diaz to inform him that Beistegui would be the representative of Mexico before the International Olympic Committee. This occurred on May 25, 1901.

In 1923 Baillet Latour, then vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, visited Latin America to invite the countries to go to the Paris 1924 Summer Olympics. He arrived in Mexico after visiting the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay on February 16, 1923.[1]

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