Mexico at the Olympics

Participation of athletes from Mexico in the Olympic Games

Mexico at the Olympics is a history which began in 1900.

Mexico at the
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The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for Mexico is MEX.[1]

History change

A team from Mexico took part in the Olympic Games in 1900. They have been in every Summer Olympic Games since 1924. Mexico has also been in several Winter Olympic Games since 1928.

Mexico was the host nation of the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City.

The National Olympic Committee for Mexico is the Comité Olímpico Mexicano and was formed in 1923.

Medalists change

Summer Olympics change

Medal Name Games Sport Event
3  Bronze Eustaquio de Escandón
Manuel de Escandón
Pablo de Escandón
Guillermo Hayden Wright
1900 Paris Polo Men's competition
2  Silver Francisco Cabañas 1932 Los Angeles Boxing Men's flyweight
2  Silver Gustavo Huet Shooting Men's 50m rifle prone
3  Bronze National team 1936 Berlin Basketball Men's competition
3  Bronze Fidel Ortiz Boxing Men's bantamweight
3  Bronze Juan Gracia
Julio Mueller
Antonio Nava
Alberto Ramos
Polo Men's competition
1  Gold Humberto Mariles 1948 London Equestrian Jumping Individual
1  Gold Rubén Uriza
Humberto Mariles
Alberto Valdés
Jumping Team
2  Silver Rubén Uriza Jumping Individual
3  Bronze Joaquín Capilla Diving Men's 10m platform
3  Bronze Raúl Campero
Humberto Mariles
Joaquín Solano
Equestrian Three-Day Event Team
2  Silver Joaquín Capilla 1952 Helsinki Diving Men's 10m platform
1  Gold Joaquín Capilla 1956 Melbourne Diving Diving Men's 10m platform
3  Bronze Joaquín Capilla Men's 3m springboard
3  Bronze Juan Botella 1960 Rome Diving Men's 3m springboard
3  Bronze Juan Fabila 1964 Tokyo Boxing Men's bantamweight
1  Gold Antonio Roldán 1968 Mexico City Boxing Men's featherweight
1  Gold Ricardo Delgado Men's flyweight
1  Gold Felipe Muñoz Swimming Men's 200m breaststroke
2  Silver José Pedraza Athletics Men's 20 km Walk
2  Silver Álvaro Gaxiola Diving Men's Platform
2  Silver Pilar Roldán Fencing Women's Foil
3  Bronze Agustín Zaragoza Boxing Men's Middleweight
3  Bronze Joaquín Rocha Men's Heavyweight
3  Bronze María Teresa Ramírez Swimming Women's 800m Freestyle
2  Silver Alfonso Zamora 1972 Munich Boxing Men's bantamweight
1  Gold Daniel Bautista 1976 Montreal Athletics Men's 20 km walk
3  Bronze Juan Paredes Boxing Men's featherweight
2  Silver Carlos Girón 1980 Moscow Diving Men's 3m springboard
3  Bronze Joaquín Pérez Equestrian Jumping Individual
3  Bronze David Bárcena
Manuel Mendivil
José Luis Pérez
Fabián Vázquez
Three-day Event Team Competition
3  Bronze Jesús Gómez
Joaquin Pérez
Gerardo Tazzer
Alberto Valdés, Jr.
Jumping Team Competition
1  Gold Ernesto Canto 1984 Los Angeles Athletics Men's 20 km walk
1  Gold Raul Gonzalez Men's 50 km walk
2  Silver Raul Gonzalez Men's 20 km walk
2  Silver Hector Lopez Boxing Men's bantamweight
2  Silver Daniel Aceves Wrestling Men's flyweight
3  Bronze José Youshimatz Cycling (Track) Men's points race
3  Bronze Mario Gonzalez 1988 Seoul Boxing Men's flyweight
3  Bronze Jesús Mena Diving Men's 10m platform
2  Silver Carlos Mercenario 1992 Barcelona Athletics Men's 50 km walk
3  Bronze Bernardo Segura 1996 Atlanta Athletics Men's 20 km walk
1  Gold Soraya Jimenez 2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
2  Silver Noé Hernández Athletics Men's 20 km walk
2  Silver Fernando Platas Diving Men's 3m springboard
3  Bronze Joel Sanchez Athletics Men's 50 km walk
3  Bronze Cristian Bejarano Boxing Men's lightweight
3  Bronze Víctor Estrada Taekwondo Men's 68–80 kg
2  Silver Oscar Salazar 2004 Athens Taekwondo Men's -58 kg
2  Silver Ana Guevara Athletics Women's 400m
2  Silver Belem Guerrero Cycling (Track) Women's points race
3  Bronze Iridia Salazar Taekwondo Women's 49–57 kg
1  Gold Guillermo Pérez 2008 Beijing Taekwondo Men's -58 kg
1  Gold María Espinoza Women's +67 kg
3  Bronze Paola Espinosa
Tatiana Ortiz
Diving Women's synchronised 10m platform
1  Gold National Team 2012 London Football Men's tournament
2  Silver German Sánchez
Ivan García
2012 London Diving Men's synchronised 10m platform
2  Silver Paola Espinosa
Alejandra Orozco
2012 London Diving Women's synchronised 10m platform
2  Silver Aída Román 2012 London Archery Women's archery
3  Bronze Mariana Avitia 2012 London Archery Women's archery
3  Bronze Laura Sánchez 2012 London Diving Women's 3m springboard
3  Bronze María Espinoza 2012 London Taekwondo Women's +67 kg

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