Michael Myers

fictional character in the Halloween franchise

Michael Myers is an American fictional character from the Halloween movie series. He first appeared in John Carpenter's Halloween. Myers only kills on Halloween day in Haddonfield, Illinois.

A cosplayer of Michael Myers

He first killed his sister on Halloween night of 1963 and since then he was searching to kill his last living family member, Cynthia "Laurie Strode" Myers.[1] He was sent to a mental hospital, but during his transportation to another mental hospital, he escaped when the truck was attacked. After Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Which was the only movie he did not appear) he was searching to kill Laurie's daughter.

When the franchise was rebooted with the 2018 movie Halloween, Michael and Laurie are not siblings. After forty years at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, he escapes again and returns to Haddonfield for another killing spree. He again finds Laurie, who has been living in fear of his return.

His psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis is trying to save Michael's victims and stop Michael from killing. Myers appeared in 9 Halloween movies. He was played by many different actors throughout the series.

His mask was originally a James T. Kirk mask that was painted white with its eyeholes enlarged, eyebrows and sideburns removed and the hair was darkened.[2] An Emmett Kelly clown mask was also considered.[2]


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