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Middlemarch, A Study of Provincial Life is the best-known book written by English author George Eliot. It was first published in eight volumes during 1871–72. The novel is set in the fictional Midlands town of Middlemarch during 1829–32.[1]

Middlemarch, A Study of Provincial Life
Title page, first ed., Vol. 1, William Blackwood and Sons, 1871 (First volume of eight)
AuthorGeorge Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
Working titleMiss Brooke
Set inEnglish Midlands and briefly Rome, September 1829 — May 1832
PublisherWilliam Blackwood and Sons
Media typePrint
Preceded byFelix Holt, the Radical (1866) 
Followed byDaniel Deronda (1874–6) 
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