Midori Days

Japanese manga and anime series

Midori Days is an anime about a girl who falls in love so badly that when she wakes up she's somehow attached to her love interest's (seiji) right hand. This anime is about how these two adjust to their strange new relationship.

Midori Days
(Midori no Hibi)
GenreRomantic comedy[1]
Written byKazurou Inoue
Published byShogakukan
English publisher
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Sunday
Original runSeptember 25, 2002November 15, 2004
Volumes8 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byTsuneo Kobayashi
Music byYoshihisa Hirano
Licensed by
Original networkAnimax, various UHF stations
Original run April 3, 2004 June 26, 2004

High school boy Seiji Sawamura is really quite a nice guy, but he's got a bad reputation and the nickname Mad Dog, earned by copious street fighting, often in pursuit of justice. His right hook is so deadly that it's got its own nickname-The Devil's Right Hand. Other students avoid him and he can not get a girlfriend. In fact, 20 girls have turned him down. But unknown to him, he has had a secret admirer for the past three years-quiet goody-two-shoes Midori Kasugano, who is so paralyzed by her shyness that she could not possibly tell him how she feels. Then, in the tradition of Minami's Sweetheart (*DE) and The Eternity You Desire, Midori falls into a coma, while Seiji finds that instead of a right hand, he now has a living glove puppet-compare to Puppet Master Sakon. A tiny, living and speaking Midori is attached to the end of his arm and reveling in his undivided attention. The situation is awkward and embarrassing but the pair find they really do like each other, even when things are switched for an episode and Seiji becomes Midori's left hand. The result is a very silly show that still manages to convey how paralyzing shyness can be and how enforced intimacy can reveal unsuspected aspects of a person's character. Based on the manga by Kazuro Inoue in Shonen Sunday, itself a surreal cartoon version of the perennial surrogate parenting and reluctant roommates genres of live-action Japanese television


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