Miguel Magno

Brazilian actor, director and author.

Miguel Magno (28 March 195117 August 2009) was a Brazilian actor, director and author. Was known for playing female roles. Magno came to the role of 11 different women characters in the play Quem tem medo de Itália Fausta (Who's Afraid of Itália Fausta?).[1] The actor had consistent theatrical career as an actor, director and playwright. Was co-founder of the Teatro Orgânico Aldebarã, in the 70's.[2]

In 2009 Miguel Magno was invited by Miguel Falabella character to another woman: Dr. Perci of Toma Lá, Dá Cá.[3] The actor died on 17 August 2009, as a result of a cancer at the age of 58. Was hospitalized since July in the Hospital Paulistano.[4]

Theater change

  • 1975 - A Cidade dos Artesãos, by Tatiana Belinky.
  • 1978 - Do Outro Lado do Espelho, adaptation of Magno in partnership with Ricardo Almeida in Alice in Wonderland of Lewis Carroll
  • 1979 - Souzalândia, by Antônio Francisco and Roberto Lage
  • 1979 - Quem Tem Medo de Itália Fausta?, of his own in partnership with actor Ricardo Almeida. Under the direction of Roberto Lage and Celso Frateschi. The spetacle had plenty of pumping assemblies and since then, including the well known Cia. Baiana de Patifaria, which took the name of A Bofetada.
  • 1992 - Porca Miséria, by Jandira Martini and Marcos Caruso, under the direction of. In the cast: Jandira Martini, Marcos Caruso, Myriam Muniz, Renato Consorte and Regina Galdino.
  • 1995 - Cinco X Comédia
  • 2004 - O Que Leva Bofetadas

Television change

Movies change

  • 2006 - Irma Vap .... Camila’s father
  • 2002 - Lara .... Henrique

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