Milwaukee Deep

deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean – part of the Puerto Rico Trench

19°35′00″N 66°30′00″W / 19.58333°N 66.5°W / 19.58333; -66.5

Milwaukee Deep is located in Caribbean
Milwaukee Deep
Milwaukee Deep
Where the Milwaukee Deep is at

The Milwaukee Deep (also called the Milwaukee Depth), near Puerto Rico, is the deepest area in the Atlantic Ocean.[1] It is also the eighth deepest area in the ocean.[2] The depth of Milwaukee Deep is the 27,493 ft (8,380 m).[1][3] Milwaukee Deep is in the Puerto Rico Trench, where the Caribbean plate and the Atlantic Ocean plate meet together.[4] Milwaukee Deep is a part of the larger Brownson Deep which creates a very long depression.[5]

History change

The Milwaukee Deep is named after the ship USS Milwaukee,[3] which was named after the city Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[6] This ship was the first to discover the Milwaukee Deep on February 14, 1939. At the time it was read to be 28,680 feet.[7] This was found to be wrong in 2018 when Victor Vescovo dived down and found that it could not have been deeper than 27,493 ft.[8]

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