Milwaukee Deep

deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean – part of the Puerto Rico Trench

Coordinates: 19°35′00″N 66°30′00″W / 19.58333°N 66.5°W / 19.58333; -66.5

The Milwaukee Deep (also called the Milwaukee Depth), near Puerto Rico, is the deepest area in the Atlantic Ocean.[1] It is also the eighth deepest area in the ocean.[2] The depth of Milwaukee Deep is the 27,493 ft (8,380 m).[1][3] Milwaukee Deep is in the Puerto Rico Trench, where the Caribbean plate and the Atlantic Ocean plate meet together.[4] Milwaukee Deep is a part of the larger Brownson Deep which creates a very long depression.[5]

Milwaukee Deep is located in Caribbean
Milwaukee Deep
Milwaukee Deep
Where the Milwaukee Deep is at


The Milwaukee Deep is named after the ship USS Milwaukee,[3] which was named after the city Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[6] This ship was the first to discover the Milwaukee Deep on February 14, 1939. At the time it was read to be 28,680 feet.[7] This was found to be wrong in 2018 when Victor Vescovo dived down and found that it could not have been deeper than 27,493 ft.[8]

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