Mir Jafar

Nawab of Bengal

Sayyid Mir Muhammed Jafar Ali Khan (1691–1765), often known as Mir Jafar, is the second son of Sayyid Ahmad Najafi, and was Nawab (governor) of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. His full, formal name is Shuja ul-Mulk, Hashim ud-Daula, Nawab Ja'afar 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Mahabat Jang.

Mir Jafar is remembered for the agreement he made with the British when he was Nawab of Bengal. This agreement meant that the Army of Bengal surrendered to the British army and were killed at the Battle of Plassey. This was the start of the British rule in India.

He is remembered by the people of Bengal and Pakistan. The word "mirjafar" in Bengali and the phrase "meer jafar" in Urdu now are often used to mean traitor.