highly unusual event believed to be of supernatural or divine origin

A miracle is an amazing, beneficial event that goes (or at least seems to go) against natural laws. Some people say that a miracle is always an act brought about by God or other supernatural force (such as an angel). Others say that there can always be another explanation for it. And thirdly, some say the event is myth and never actually even happened in the first place.

According to the Bible


In the Bible a miracle is an act by God, where God's presence is shown. They can be an act that affects one person, or a gigantic disturbance of nature that changes the world.

Examples in the Bible


Here are seven types that can be found. These are just some of the many miracles in the Bible.

God's authority
  • A man crippled since birth gets up and walks after Jesus heals him[3]
  • Jesus makes a man who was born blind to see[4]
Judgment for evil
  • People became so evil that God destroys them with a flood; Noah and his family are saved[5]
  • Two members of the Jerusalem church are struck dead for lying[6]
  • God gives manna to the Israelites as they traveled through the desert[1]
  • Jesus feeds thousands of people with only five loaves of bread and two fish[7]
Raising the dead
  • By the power of God, Elijah raises a widow’s dead son back to life[8]
  • Jesus raises his friend, Lazarus, to life[9]

In other books


Other religious books, like the Quran, Mahabharata and the Avesta, contains many references to this definition of miracle. An example of a miracle in the Quran is when Muhammad splits the moon into halves.


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