Miracles of Jesus

miracles carried out by Jesus according to the Bible

The miracles of Jesus are things the Bible and Qur'an say that Jesus did, that a person normally cannot do. Followers of those religions say, that Jesus did those things by the power of God.

Christ Walks on Water, by Ivan Aivazovsky, 1888.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke record many of these stories. The most common ones are healing people who are sick, blind, lame or deaf. In many cases, the sicknesses or other problems are said to be caused by demons. Jesus said, that he had power over the demons, and so He could stop their evil work. The enemies of Jesus told him to do miracles to show, that He had supernatural power, but He refused. However, for his followers, he did several miracles that showed His power. These included stopping a storm in the sea, walking on water and making a tree die. In Islam, Jesus is said to have spoken from his cradle, made a clay bird come alive, and brought down from heaven a table full of food.[1] Both the Qur'an and the Christian New Testament say, that Jesus brought some dead people back to life.

In the Gospel of John, only seven miracles are mentioned. John calls them "signs". Their purpose was to teach something about the power of Jesus, not just to help people. Two of the greatest miracles recorded are the Virgin birth of Jesus and the resurrection. The Qur'an also mentions the Virgin birth, but not the resurrection.

Major events in Jesus's life in the Gospels

Throughout history, many Christians have said that they have been healed by Jesus. Roman Catholic believers have many such stories. Some places, such as Lourdes, are places where sick people go to be healed by Jesus. Other Christians say that Jesus has healed them or done other miracles at large Christian meetings. Other Christians think that Jesus only did such things when he was on Earth. They do not believe that such miracles happen today.


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