Miyako Islands

group of islands in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

The Miyako Islands (宮古列島, Miyako Rettō) are a group of islands that are in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, east of the Yaeyama Islands.[1] They are between the Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan.

Location of Miyako Islands
Miyako Islands' location in Okinawa Prefecture
The Miyako Islands

Miyako Island has 55,914 people. A bridge connects Miyako Island to Ikema Island.[2] Ikema Island has 801 people. Tarama village has 1,214 people. It is between the islands of Minna and Tarama.

The native people of the Miyako Islands are the Miyako people, who are a subgroup of a larger Ryukyuan ethnicity.

The languages spoken on the islands include the native Miyako language and Japanese. Because Japan suppressed the Miyako language in the past, the younger generation mostly speaks Japanese instead.

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