Mohammed V of Morocco

King of Morocco (1909-1961)

Mohammed al-Khamis ben Yusef ben Hassan al-Alawi (Arabic: محمد الخامس بن يوسف بن الحسن بن محمد بن عبد الرحمن بن هشام بن محمد بن عبد الله بن إسماعيل بن الشريف بن علي العلوي), also known as Sidi Mohammed ben Yusef (Arabic: سيدي محمد بن يوسف) or Mohammed V (Arabic: محمد الخامس) (10 August 1909 – 26 February 1961), was Sultan of Morocco from 1927 to 1953. He became Sultan again after his return from exile in 1955. He was King from 1957 to 1961.

Mohammed V
محمد الخامس
Amir al-Mu'minin
King of Morocco
Reign14 August 1957 – 26 February 1961
SuccessorHassan II
Prime Ministers
Sultan of Morocco
Reign30 October 1955 – 14 August 1957
PredecessorMohammed Ben Aarafa
Reign17 November 1927 – 20 August 1953
SuccessorMohammed Ben Aarafa
Born(1909-08-10)10 August 1909
Fes, Morocco
Died26 February 1961(1961-02-26) (aged 51)
Rabat, Morocco
SpouseLalla Hanila bint Mamoun
Lalla Abla bint Tahar
Lalla Bahia bint Antar
IssuePrincess Lalla Fatima Zohra
Hassan II
Princess Lalla Aicha
Princess Lalla Malika
Prince Moulay Abdallah
Princess Lalla Nuzha
Princess Lalla Amina
HouseAlaouite dynasty
FatherMoulay Yusef
MotherLalla Yaqut

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