single wide ski used for skiing

A mono-ski is a sled used by a skier with paraplegia, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, or cerebral palsy.[1][2] Mono-skis are used only in para-alpine skiing.[2] People who use mono-skis need good balance to stop themselves from falling over.[3] The mono-ski has a chair with one ski attached to the bottom.[4]

Spanish skier Nathalie Carpanendo using a mono-ski
German skier Anna Schaffelhuber using a mono-ski

People first used mono-skis in 1985 in the United States.[3] Mono-skis allow skiers to ski using the same way that people who stand ski down a hill.[4]

Mono-skis have a hydraulic lift. This makes it easier for a skier to get in and out of the mono-ski.[3]


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