differentiation between right and wrong, virtues and vices
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Morality is the concept of doing the right thing. Morals are basic guidelines for living.

Many people have written about ways of choosing what the right thing is. Some believe that there is an objective (true even if you do not agree with it) morality, often thinking it was set by God or another similar being; others think that morality is subjective (that what is good or bad is a community choice).

People can learn morals from religion, parents, friends, school, books, or from ethical traditions. People that teach or follow morals are called moralists.

It can also be a lesson that someone learns in a book or story. It is usually one line at the end of the story ("The moral of this story is....."). Fables are stories with a moral.

The opposite of "moral" is "immoral", meaning the wrong thing to do. "Amoral" means something that is not related to morality, or has no morally good or bad aspect to it. It is the same as "morally neutral". Morality means that you can tell between a right and a wrong thing.

Some morally correct things to do are

•Eat healthy

•Sleep well

•be polite

•use your brain

•use common sense

•Don't smoke

•Don't drink alcohol

•Don't murder