Morgan le Fay

enchantress in Arthurian legend

Morgan le Fay (/ˈmɔːrɡən lə ˈf/, meaning "Morgan the Fairy"), also called Morgaine, Morgan or Morgana, is a powerful sorceress in the Arthurian legend. She was King Arthur’s half-sister and enemy. In some legends she is said to have borne Arthur's child, Mordred.

Matter of Britain character
Morgan le Fay by Frederick Sandys, 1864
"Here she stands in front of a loom on which she has woven an enchanted robe, designed to consume the body of King Arthur by fire. Her appearance with her loose hair, abandoned gestures and draped leopard skin suggests a dangerous and bestial female sexuality. The green robe that Morgan is depicted wearing is actually a kimono."[1]
First appearanceVita Merlini by Geoffrey of Monmouth
SpeciesWitch, fairy or goddess (depending on the source)
OccupationEnchantress, queen
Spouse(s)King Urien
Significant other(s)Various, including Accolon, Guiomar, Lancelot, Merlin, Ogier the Dane, Sebile
ChildrenYvain, sometimes others
RelativesHer sisters (Vita Merlini), later King Arthur's family
HomeAvalon, Camelot, Gorre, Brocéliande

Morgan le Fay is said to have been quite powerful. She hated King Arthur even though he was her half-brother. (She is also said to have wiped out most of the Templar Knights). She is one of the main antagonists of the Grey Griffins book series.[2]

She is also an important charcter in the well-known television series "Merlin" on BBC IPlayer


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