Moro National Liberation Front

political group in the Philippines

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is a rebel group in the Philippines.[1] It was started by Nur Misuari in 1969.[2] The MNLF fights against the Philippine government for the independence of the Bangsamoro Land.[3] Over the years there have been several attempts to achieve peace between the MNLF and the government. In 1976 a treaty was arranged by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation but this failed.[2] In 1986 President Corazon Aquino met with Misuari, and in 1989 the area was given a level of autonomy.[2] President Fidel Ramos arranged a peace deal in 1996 which allowed Misuari to be elected as regional governor.[2] Misuari led an uprising against the federal government in 2001, but this failed and he was sent to prison.[2] The MNLF says that the territory of Bangsamoro Land covers Sulu, Mindanao, Palawan and Sabah (in Malaysia). The MNLF is an observer member of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Flag of the MNLF


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