Moscow Time

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Moscow Time is UTC+3, the same time as Eastern European Summer Time, East Africa Time, and Arabia Standard Time.

Time zones of Europe in relation to UTC:
blue Western European Time (UTC+0)
Western European Summer Time (UTC+1)
light blue Western European Time (UTC+0)
red Central European Time (UTC+1)
Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)
yellow Eastern European Time (UTC+2)
Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3)
orange Kaliningrad Time (UTC+3)
green Moscow Time / Turkey Time (UTC+3)
Light colours indicate countries that do not observe summer time.

On 28 March 2010, Moscow Time became the time zone for the Samara olabast in Russia, leaving Samara Time (UTC+4) unused.

On 8 February 2011, The Russian government announced the abandonment of winter time in all time zones across Russia. Moscovians set their clocks forward on 27 March 2011, and then UTC+4 became its standard time permanently.

In July 2014, The law to observe summer time year round was abandoned, and the clock has been set to UTC+3 starting from 26 October 2014.[1]


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The time zone database is Europe/Moscow.