mobile machine used for transport, whether it has an engine or not, including wheeled and tracked vehicles, air-, water-, and space-craft
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A vehicle is a machine to move people and things. A vehicle is not alive. A horse can move people and things, but it is an animal, not a machine or a vehicle.

Many different types of vehicles including carriages, trams, trains, cars, bicycles, balloons, planes, ships, airships and yachts.
A car is a type of vehicle.

The word vehicle is borrowed from French and Latin. French véhicule, going back to Middle French, borrowed from Medieval Latin vehiculum "medium, agent of transmission," going back to Latin, "wheeled vehicle, means of transport," from vehere "to carry, convey.

Types of vehicles


Land vehicles


Some vehicles move on land. Most land vehicles have wheels. Examples of land vehicles are bicycles, cars, motorcycles, and trains.

Land vehicles that are powered by an engine or motor are called motor vehicles.

Some land vehicles, like tanks and snowmobiles, have tracks. These tracks look and work like conveyor belts.

Water vehicles


Some vehicles move on, or in, the water. Examples are boats, ships, and submarines.

Air and space vehicles


Vehicles that move in the sky are called aircraft. Examples are aeroplanes and balloons.

Some vehicles, like the Space Shuttle, can even leave the Earth's orbit and go to outer space.

Vehicles can be propelled by various sources of energy.

Some vehicles have no propulsion power. Examples are gliders, balloons and even fixed tower cranes.