Mount Othrys

E-W mountain range in Greece, 30 km long

Mount Othrys (Greek: όρος Όθρυςoros Othrys, also Όθρη – Othri) is a mountain in central Greece, in the northeastern part of Phthiotis and southern part of Magnesia 39°1′1″N 22°42′35″E / 39.01694°N 22.70972°E / 39.01694; 22.70972.

Mount Othrys
Former lake Xynias.jpg
lake Xynias, drained in the 1940s. In the background, the Othrys range.
Highest point
Elevation1,726 m (5,663 ft)[1]
Coordinates39°1′1″N 22°42′35″E / 39.01694°N 22.70972°E / 39.01694; 22.70972Coordinates: 39°1′1″N 22°42′35″E / 39.01694°N 22.70972°E / 39.01694; 22.70972
Mount Othrys is located in Greece
Mount Othrys
Mount Othrys
Easiest routeclimb

During the ten-year war between the Titans and the Olympians (the ones that existed then) and their allies both sides used a mountain as the base for their headquarters. While the Olympians chose Mount Olympus the Titans picked Mount Othrys. The two mountains were in actuality ten miles apart.

The Black CastleEdit

After Kronos freed the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires, Kronos ordered them to build a castle made out of the metal found in Mount Othrys. The castle then became the base of the Titans during the war between the Olympians and the Titans

Fun FactsEdit

The mountain was so tremendous, even Zeus was afraid when he first saw it.

Titans who live there:

The Titans were evil and cruel, which made Olympian Gods the exact same, since they are parents of Gods. The Olympian Gods are actually Titans and the heroes are demi-titans.