Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery

cemetery in Jerusalem, Israel

Coordinates: 31°46′25.82″N 35°14′35.05″E / 31.7738389°N 35.2430694°E / 31.7738389; 35.2430694

Mount of Olives Jewish Cemetery is a cemetery in Jerusalem. It is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world. It is also the biggest cemetery for Jews. The cemetery is on the Mount of Olives. It faces the Old City of Jerusalem. The cemetery has over 150,000 graves.

the Mount of Olives Jewish cemetery


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Kidron Valley necropolisEdit

The southwestern part of the cemetery is Kidron Valley necropolis continuing the cemetery from southwest in the Kidron Valley. a part of the Arab village of Silwan was built over this part of the cemetery.

Arab neighborhoodsEdit

Some Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem were built on the grounds of the cemetery after the Jordanian conquest in 1948 including: Al-Bustan, Ras al-Amud, Al-Sheikh, A-Tur,


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