Musa ibn Jafar

seventh of the Twelve Imams (745–799 CE)
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Musa ibn Jafar, also known as Al-Qazim (the one who controls his anger) was the seventh Shia Imam, after his father Jafar ibn Muhammad. He is also highly respected among Sunnis, who consider him as a renowned scholar.[1][2] There occurred division in Shias on the question of Imamate. Ismailis said that Ismail ibn Jafar, the eldest son of Jafar ibn Muhammad should be the next imam while the larger group Jafari (or Twelvers) considered Musa ibn Jafar to be the next imam.[3]

Musa ibn Jafar
Born745 CE
Other namesAl-Qazim, Bab ul Hawaij
Known forMysticism, Shia Imam


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