NN ingen Cináed was the eldest daughter of King Kenneth I (MacAlpin) of the Scots. She was born c. 834 when Kenneth was only 24 years old from an unknown mother. She was the mother of Eochaid, king of Scots who ruled with Giric.

King Kenneth I, the father of NN ingen Cináed.

Birth change

Not much is known about the birth of NN ingen except it happened around 834, somewhere in Scotland. She was born as the eldest daughter of Kenneth and his 11 other siblings, many of whom ruled Scotland.

Marriage[1] change

She married Run mac Arthgail, a king of Strathclyde from c. 872-878. He gave her one child, later to be king of Scots named Eochaid, who was deposed in 889 when she was 55 years old (dead or alive?). She also married Rí na h'Alt Clut who supposedly gave her no child as Eochaid is the only recorded child of NN ingen.

Death change

It is unknown when NN ingen Cináed died but would most likely be in the 860s to 880s sometime during or after the reign of Constantine I, Donald I and Eochaid, her son. She died in Ireland.

References change

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