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WWE NXT is a professional wrestling promotion based in Winter Park, Florida.[2] It is the official developmental territory for WWE.[2][3]

Acronym NXT
Established February 2010 (as a TV series)
August 2012 (as a developmental territory)[1]
Style Professional wrestling
Location Winter Park, Florida[2]
Founder(s) Vince McMahon

Triple H

Parent WWE[2]
Website wwe.com/shows/wwenxt



NXT was started as Florida Championship Wrestling, typically shortened to FCW, by Steve Keirn in 2007,[1] as WWE's second developmental territory when they ended their relationship with Deep South Wrestling in 2007.[4] It became their only developmental territory in early 2008 when they ended their relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling.[3]

FCW's first show was on June 26, 2007 in Tampa, Florida. A 21 man Battle Royal was held during the show, with Harry Smith winning to become the first ever FCW Southern Heavyweight Champion.[5] The next year, the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship was introduced,[6] with Jake Hager becoming the first champion at a battle royal on February 15, 2008 and defeating Ted DiBiase, Jr..[7] The FCW Florida Tag Team Championship was also introduced in February, with the Puerto Rican Nightmares (Eddie Colón and Eric Perez) beating Steven Lewington and Heath Miller to win it in the finals of a tournament.[8] The two heavyweight titles were later unified, keeping the "Florida Heavyweight" name.[9]

FCW regularly ran shows every Tuesday at Bourbon Street Nightclub,[10] as well as shows on other nights at other venues in and around the Central Florida area.[11] As NXT Wrestling, it now runs live shows ar several locations around Florida.[12]

In August 2012, WWE retired all FCW championship belts and changed the promotion's name to "NXT". WWE had previously used NXT for a reality television program that featured FCW wrestlers trying to earn a WWE contract. WWE NXT, which had been the name of the reality show, is now used as the title of their TV show.[13]

After the name change WWE started a TV show, usually taped at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida (from 2012 to 2020 at Full Sail University in Winter Park). NXT has six exclusive championships right now: The NXT Championship, the NXT Tag Team Championship, the NXT Women's Championship, the NXT North American Championship, the NXT Women's North American Championship and the NXT Heritage Cup. It also used to have the NXT Cruiserweight Championship and the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship. The show also featured the WWE United Kingdom Championship before NXT UK started.






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