Na Hye-sok

writer and painter from Korea (1896-1948)

Na Hye-sok (28 April 1896 – 10 December 1948) was a Korean independence activist and artist, poet, novelist, and feminist activist. She was a famous woman among early 20th century oil painters. Her nickname was Jeongwol.

Na Hye-sok (1926)

Work books change

  • Na Hye-sok Jeonjip (나혜석전집, 羅蕙錫全集)
  • Go on a honeymoon, the tomb of first love (첫사랑의 무덤으로 신혼여행을 가다)
  • Divorce testimony (이혼고백서, 離婚告白書)
  • Na Hye-sok Works Collection (나혜석 작품집)
  • Gyunghee (경희)
  • Jeongsun (정순)

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