Nagarparkar Jain Temples

cluster of abandoned temples in Sindh, Pakistan

The Nagarparkar Jain Temples (Urdu: نگرپارکر جین مندر) are located in the region around Nagarparkar, in Pakistan's southern Sindh province. The site consists of a several abandoned Jain sacred temples. There is also a mosque which is heavily influenced by the architectural style of the temples. Buildings in the region date from the 12th to the 15th centuries. This is a period when Jain architectural expression was at its highest.

Nagarparkar Jain Temples
Nagarparkar Jain Temples is located in Sindh
Nagarparkar Jain Temples
Shown within Sindh
Nagarparkar Jain Temples is located in Pakistan
Nagarparkar Jain Temples
Nagarparkar Jain Temples (Pakistan)
LocationKaroonjhar Mountains, Sindh, Pakistan
Coordinates24°21′21″N 70°45′16″E / 24.35583°N 70.75444°E / 24.35583; 70.75444
TypeJain temples and mosque
Jain Temple, Nagarparkar (Pakistan).

These ancient Pakistanian temples were put on the list for UNESCO World Heritage status in 2016 as the Nagarparkar Cultural Landscape.[1] Therefore they can be considered as the "National Jain Temple of Pakistan", a potential for Gujarati Indian Yatris respectively.

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