The Assyrian name for an Armenian tribe in the Armenian Highlands

The Nairi (Armenian: Նաիրի) were a late Bronze Age people who lived in the area of the later Kingdom of Urartu, around Lake Van, in what is now the East Anatolia Region.

The Nairi, when first attacked by the Assyrians, had twenty-three cities, and as many kings; they were rich in horses and mules and had so large a chariot force that we hear of a hundred and twenty chariots being taken from them in a single battle.[1]

The nameEdit

To this day, Nairi (Yerkir Nairi, Arm.- Country of Nairi) is used as one of the names for Armenia, and is also a common Armenian name. It is also often used by Armenian poets, including Vahan Terian (author of "Am I the last poet of Nairi?"), Yeghishe Charents, and Vahagn Davtian.

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