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The Nation of Domination (NoD) was a professional wrestling stable (a group of wrestlers who work together) in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). The group was based on the Nation of Islam. It was created in the WWF by Faarooq. There were usually no more than four or five members of the NoD at any one time but as members left or became injured, other wrestlers would replace them. Members of the NoD included Rocky Maivia (The Rock), Crush, Savio Vega, D'Lo Brown, Ahmed Johnson, Kama Mustafa, Mark Henry and Owen Hart. The NoD separated in October of 1998.

Nation of Domination
Name(s)The Nation of Domination
The Nation
Faarooq (leader, 1996–1998)
The Rock/Rocky Maivia (leader, 1998)
Owen Hart (co-leader, 1998)
Savio Vega
D'Lo Brown
JC Ice
Wolfie D
Kama Mustafa/The Godfather
Ahmed Johnson
Mark Henry
Clarence Mason (manager)
DebutNovember 1996
DisbandedNovember 1998

The NoD fought mainly against Degeneration X, led by Triple H.

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