National Archives of Japan

national archives of Japan

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The National Archives of Japan (独立行政法人国立公文書館, Dokuritsu Gyosei Hojin Kokuritsu Kōbunshokan), also known by the acronym NAJ, is a Japanese public institution which preserves government documents and historical records.

The National Archives of Japan


The National Archives Law No. 79 (1999) established NAJ's core function of preserving government documents and records.[1]

Before the creation of the National Archives, there is almost no tradition of preserving "grey-area" records, such as records which show the process which led to the formation of a specific policy.[2]

Independent Administrative InstitutionEdit

The National Archives became an Independent Administrative Institution on April 1, 2001.[3]

Since 2005, the NAJ website has offered high-resolution images of some of its holdings, including those named as Important Cultural Properties of Japan.[4]

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