Welsh Parliament

devolved parliament of Wales
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The Welsh Parliament (Welsh: Senedd Cymru) is a devolved parliament with the power to make laws in Wales. It is also called the Welsh Assembly or Senedd. Between 1999 and 2020, it had the name National Assembly for Wales.

Welsh Parliament
Senedd Cymru
Llywydd (Presiding Officer)
Elin Jones, Plaid Cymru
Since 11 May 2016
Rebecca Evans, Labour Party
Since 13 December 2018
Political groups

Opposition Parties

Additional Member System
Last election
5 May 2016
Next election
6 May 2021
Meeting place
Debating chamber, Y Senedd - geograph.org.uk - 1375999.jpg
Senedd, Cardiff
First Minister's daily talk about COVID-19; May 2021


The Assembly was created after the Government of Wales Act 1998 law, which was introduced after a referendum in 1997. The Assembly had no powers to make primary legislation until the Government of Wales Act 2006 law, which gave the Assembly limited powers to make laws.

Its powers were increased again after a Yes vote in a referendum on 3 March 2011, which allowed the Assembly to make laws without having to make a request to the Parliament of the UK, or to the Secretary of State for Wales.[1]

How it worksEdit

The Senedd has 60 members, called Members of the Senedd, or MSs for short. In Welsh, they are called Aelod o'r Senedd.

Members of the Senedd are elected for 4 years in an additional members system - 40 AMs are elected by the plurality system, and represent the different areas of Wales. Another 20 AMs from 5 electoral regions are also elected, by the proportional representation system.

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