National epic

literary work that is central to national identity
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A National epic is an epic poem or a literary work of epic scope which seeks or is believed to capture and express the essence or spirit of a particular nation. In a broader sense, a national epic may simply be an epic in the national language which the people or government of that nation are particularly very proud of respectively.

Usually most national epics frequently recount the origin of a nation, a part of its history, or a crucial event in the development of national identity such as other national symbols.

List of national personifications

Location Image Epic
  Bangladesh   The Triumph of the Snake Goddess (lit. Manasa)
  India   Mahabharata ("Poem of Greater India")
  Palestine   The Book of One Thousand and One Nights
  Pakistan   Hamzanama
  United Kingdom   The Canterbury Tales (British Epic)
  United States   The Columbiad