Ned Kelly (2003 movie)

2003 film directed by Gregor Jordan

Ned Kelly is a 2003 Australian movie directed by Gregor Jordan. The movie shows the life of Ned Kelly who was a famous bushranger in Australia. The movie is based on Robert Drewe's book Our Sunshine.

Ned Kelly[1]
Directed byGregor Jordan
Written byRobert Drewe (novel)
John Michael McDonagh
Produced byTim Bevan
Catherine Bishop
Liza Chasin
Robert Drewe
Eric Fellner
Debra Hayward
Lynda House
Timothy White
Nelson Woss
StarringHeath Ledger
Orlando Bloom
Geoffrey Rush
Naomi Watts
CinematographyOliver Stapleton
Edited byJon Gregory
Music byKlaus Badelt
Distributed byFocus Features
Release date
March 27 2003
Running time
105 minutes
CountryAustralia Australia
Box office$6,371,891

Most of the filming was done at the Little River Earth Sanctuary, Mount Rothwell, near Geelong.[2] Street scenes were filmed in Clunes and Ballarat. Other locations include Broadford, Glenfern, Hepburn Springs and Melbourne.

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