long-running Australian soap opera

Neighbours is an Australian soap opera. The show started in March 1985 on the Seven Network, but they cancelled it the same year. Rival network Network Ten decided to start making and broadcasting the show, and have done that since 1986. It was produced by Reg Watson. The show started with low ratings, and Network Ten did their best to get more people to watch. They got new characters, two of them were played by Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan. These two characters became a couple known as "Scott and Charlene", and by the time they married in 1987, ratings were much higher.

The show is about the lives of people that live in a fictional street called Ramsay Street. Ramsay Street is in a fictional suburb, Erinsborough, in the real-life city Melbourne.

List of actors/characters who appear on the show change

Actor Role Time on the show
Jacob Brito Charlie Hoyland 2006-
Ashleigh Brewer Kate Ramsay 2009-
Scott Major Lucas Fitzgerald 2008-
Carla Bonner Stephanie Scully 1999-
Sam Clark Ringo Brown 2007-
Kaiya Jones Sophie Ramsay 2009-
Stefan Dennis Paul Robinson 1985-1992, 1993, 2004-
Alan Fletcher Karl Kennedy 1994-
Jane Hall Rebecca Napier 2007-
Morgan Baker Callum Jones 2008-
Margot Robbie Donna Freedman 2008-
Will Moore Harry Ramsay 2009-
Alia Devercelli and Gab Devercelli India Napier 2009-
Ryan Moloney Toadfish Rebecchi 1995-
Tom Oliver Lou Carpenter 1988, 1992-
James Sorensen Declan Napier 2007-
Matthew Werkmeister Zeke Kinski 2005-
Jackie Woodburne Susan Kennedy 1994-
Kym Valentine Libby Kennedy 1994-2003, 2004, 2007-
Blake O'Leary Ben Kirk 2001-2003, 2004, 2007-

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