New Democratic Party of Manitoba

provincial political party in Canada

The New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) is a social democratic political party in Manitoba, Canada. It is the provincial wing of the federal New Democratic Party (NDP). It was formed from the Manitoba Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. In 1961, the national Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) merged with the Canadian Labour Congress to form the NDP. The Manitoba wing of the CCF took the New Democratic Party name on November 4, 1961.

The NDP formed a minority government after winning 28 out of 57 seats in the 1969 general election. Edward Schreyer became premier. In the 1973 general election, the NDP won 31 seats and formed a majority government. The party was the largest party in the assembly until the 1988 general election. After that election, the party won only 12 seats.

The party was returned to government in the 1999 general election and formed the government after that.