Newcastle Waters

town in the Northern Territory, Australia

Newcastle Waters is a small settlement near the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is 777 km north of Alice Springs and 705 km south of Darwin.[1] It is inside Newcastle Waters station, a large cattle station with over 45,000 head of cattle. The station covers 10,353 square kilometers.[2] The nearest petrol station and accommodation is found 23 kilometres (14 miles) south at Elliott.

Location of Newcastle Waters in the Northern Territory (red)

Newcastle Waters was named by the explorer, John McDouall Stuart in 1861. He named it after the Duke of Newcastle. The waterhole Stuart discovered is now called the Longreach Hole. When the Australian Overland Telegraph Line was built, a relay station was built at Newcastle Waters in 1870.[1] The cattle station was set up in 1883.[2] In 1930 the government set aside an area of the station for a town site.[1] It was an important stop for moving cattle herds through the Northern Territory. However in the 1960's as cattle were moved by trucks, the town was abandoned.[1] The buildings in the town are now in poor condition.[3]


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