Darwin, Northern Territory

capital city of the Northern Territory, Australia, and the surrounding area

Darwin is the territorial capital of the Northern Territory in Australia. The city has about 147,000 people living there.[1] The city is named after Charles Darwin.[2] A member of the crew of the ship that started a port there in 1839 named it Port Darwin in honor of Darwin, who had sailed on that same ship earlier.[3] Most of Darwin has been built since 1974, when Cyclone Tracy ripped through and destroyed the city. Since then, the city has recovered. It is a very important port, because it is on the coast closest to Indonesia and the rest of Asia. Darwin also has a large military base.

Coat of arms of Darwin.svg

Darwin also has many Indigenous Australians living in the city, about 9.7% of the people.[1] This is more than any other state capital in Australia.


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