Nihon kōki

840 Book by Fujiwara no Otsugu, Minamoto no Tokiwa and Fujiwara no Yoshifusa

Nihon kōki (日本後紀) is an ancient history of Japan written in 843.[1]

This work is the third of the Rikkokushi ("Six National Histories").[1] It was written after the Nihon Shoki and the Shoku Nihongi.[2]

Fujiwara no Otsugu,[3] Fujiwara no Yoshino,[4] Fujiwara no Yoshifusa,[5] Minamoto no Tokiwa,[6] Asa no Katori[7] and Yamada no Furutsugu were the main editors.[1]

Nihon Kōki is a primary historical source of information about Japan's Nara period and Heian period.[1]

The work covers the 135-year period from the beginning of Emperor Mommu's reign in 697 until the 9th year of Emperor Juna's reign in 832.[1] The text is an account of twelve imperial reigns.

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