Ningthouja dynasty

Ruling dynasty of Kangleipak (Manipur) Kingdom

The Ningthouja dynasty (Meitei: Ningthouja Salai; Old Manipuri: Ningthoucha Salai) or the Mangang dynasty (Old Manipuri: Mangang Yek Salai) is one of the longest ruling clan dynasties in the world. It is the most powerful ruling dynasty in the long history of Manipur kingdom, starting its power from 33 AD and ended in 1972 AD.[1] It was founded by Emperor Nongta Lailen Pakhangpa, whose identity is often mingled with that of Pakhangpa, the serpentine dragon god of Meitei mythology and religion.[2][3] The Ningthouja dynasty was one of the three most powerful dynasties, the others being Luwang dynasty and Khuman dynasty.[4]

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