North Macedonia at the Olympics

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The Republic of North Macedonia was first at the Olympic Games at the 1996 Summer Olympics. They have been in every Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games since then. Until 1988 North Macedonia was part of Yugoslavia.

List of medalistsEdit

Medal Name Games Sport Event
3  Bronze Magomed Ibragimov 2000 Sydney Wrestling Men's freestyle 85 kg

Several other athletes from the Socialist Republic of Macedonia (a constituent country of the former SFR Yugoslavia) have also won Olympic medals, competing for Yugoslavia.[1]

Medal Name Games Sport Event
2  Silver Blagoja Vidinić 1956 Melbourne Football Men's team
1  Gold Blagoja Vidinić 1960 Rome Football Men's team
2  Silver Blagoja Georgievski 1976 Montreal Basketball Men's team
3  Bronze Ace Rusevski 1976 Montreal Boxing Men's lightweight
3  Bronze Šaban Sejdi 1980 Moscow Wrestling Men's freestyle lightweight
1  Gold Šaban Trstena 1984 Los Angeles Wrestling Men's freestyle flyweight
2  Silver Redzep Redzepovski 1984 Los Angeles Boxing Men's flyweight
3  Bronze Aziz Salihu 1984 Los Angeles Boxing Men's super heavyweight
3  Bronze Milko Đurovski 1984 Los Angeles Football Men's team
3  Bronze Šaban Sejdi 1984 Los Angeles Wrestling Men's freestyle welterweight
2  Silver Stojna Vangelovska 1988 Seoul Basketball Women's team
2  Silver Šaban Trstena 1988 Seoul Wrestling Men's freestyle 52 kg


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