North Tyrol

part of Tyrol, Austria

North Tyrol, or North Tirol (German and Austro-Bavarian: Nordtirol) is the main part of the Austrian state of Tyrol, located in the western part of the country. The other part of the state is East Tyrol, which also belongs to Austria, but does not share a border with North Tyrol.

Map of the Tyrol pre-World War I

Besides those two regions, the historical region of Tyrol also included the areas today known as Bolzano-Bozen and Trento for many centuries. They were annexed by Italy after World War I which made North Tyrol and East Tyrol effectively cut off from each other.

North Tyrol borders Salzburg in the east, the German state of Bavaria in the north, Vorarlberg in the west, the Swiss canton of Graubünden in the southwest and Bolzano-Bozen in the south. Its capital is Innsbruck.