one of two official written standards for the Norwegian language

Nynorsk (New Norwegian) is one of the two official written standards of Norwegian; the other is Bokmål. It is based on Norwegian dialects and is especially common around Bergen. Ivar Aasen created it during the 19th century as a Norwegian alternative to Danish upon which it is based. Danish was then often written in Norway.

Norwegian Nynorsk
Pronunciation[ˈnyːnɔʂk] or [ˈnyːnɔʁsk]
Native toNorway
Native speakers
(written only)
Early forms
Standard forms
Nynorsk (official)
Høgnorsk (unofficial)
Latin (Norwegian alphabet)
Official status
Official language in
Nordic Council
Regulated byNorwegian Language Council
Language codes
ISO 639-1nn
ISO 639-2nno
ISO 639-3nno
Linguasphere52-AAA-ba to -be