Ohio Is for Lovers

2004 single by Hawthorne Heights

Ohio Is for Lovers is a single released by Hawthorne Heights it came from their first album The Silence in Black and White.

"Ohio Is for Lovers"
Song by Hawthorne Heights
LabelVictory records
Hawthorne Heights singles chronology
"Ohio Is for Lovers"
"Niki Fm"

The lyrics are one of the main reasons why the band are considered to be emo. It contains the lyrics "cut my wrists and black my eyes" more than once. Some people take this literally, but the singer has explained its only a figure of speech the band is against self harming.

The song was charted #34 in America.

About the videoEdit

The album The Silence in Black and White later contained a DVD including the making of "Ohio is for lovers" it shows a spider, and also shows JT in a room alone looking miserable. There's also a young girl in the Ohio is for lovers music video, played by Emma Parris.