The Silence in Black and White

album by Hawthorne Heights

The Silence in Black and White is the first album released by Hawthorne Heights. it was released on June 1, 2004. It was released by Victory Records. On Monday, June 27, 2005 the 2 disc special edition CD/DVD was released. The CD contains acoustic versions of most of the songs. It also contains a DVD containing live performances and many other features. It was produced by Sean O'Keefe. The album takes its title from a line in the song Niki Fm. The Silence in Black and White has sold 816,483 in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The Silence in Black and White
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 28, 2006
GenreEmo, post-hardcore, screamo
LabelVictory Records
ProducerSean O'Keefe
Hawthorne Heights chronology
The Silence in Black and White If Only You Were Lonely


  1. Life on Standby – 4:11
  2. Dissolve and Decay – 3:44
  3. Niki Fm – 3:59
  4. The Transition – 4:04
  5. Blue Burns Orange – 3:19
  6. Silver Bullet – 4:03
  7. Screenwriting an Apology – 3:41
  8. Ohio Is for Lovers – 4:04
  9. Wake Up Call – 4:02
  10. Sandpaper and Silk – 3:36
  11. Speeding up the Octaves – 4:09



  1. Life On Standby
  2. Dissolve and Decay
  3. Niki Fm
  4. The Transition
  5. Blue Burns Orange
  6. Silver Bullet
  7. Screenwriting An Apology
  8. Ohio Is for Lovers
  9. Wake Up Call
  10. Sandpaper and Silk
  11. Speeding Up the Octaves
  12. Silver Bullet (Demo)
  13. Niki Fm (Demo)
  14. Speeding Up the Octaves (Demo)
  15. Ohio Is for Lovers (Live Acoustic On Q101)
  16. The Transition (Live Acoustic On Q101)
  17. Silver Bullet (Acoustic In The Studio)
  18. Apparently Hover Boards Don't Work On Water (As a Day In the Life)


  1. Life On Standby (Live)
  2. Silver Bullet (Live)
  3. Niki Fm (Live)
  4. The Transition (Live)
  5. Ohio Is for Lovers (Live)
  6. Speeding Up the Octaves (Live)
  7. Signing Footage
  8. Interview With Hawthorne Heights
  9. Yahoo! Music Interview
  10. Yahoo! Music - Ohio Is for Lovers
  11. Ohio Is for Lovers (Music Video)
  12. Seven Commercial Spots
  13. Speeding Up the Octaves (Demo Video)
  14. Audio Commentary On Ohio Is for Lovers
  15. Victory Van Raiders Featuring Silverstein
  16. Bus Tour With J.T. of Hawthorne Heights
  17. Fans of Hawthorne Heights Montage